Restoring Balance

In February of 2020. I began recording a series of video tutorials to walk knitters through the process of hand knitting socks.  I was in heaven because two things were happening. My love of creating had found a new medium, “video creation” I thoroughly enjoyed the process of recording and editing video content.

I also loved that I had created a slightly different way of sharing information while calming and alleviating fear. The No Fear Sock Knitting Class Online was born.  Heaven again. The response was beyond anything I had thought or hoped for.   

Then on August 1, 2020 I announced the launch of my new website. There were so many emotions… pride, excitement, fear, anxiety but most of all joy. Joy, because I now had a space that was all mine to share ideas, link content, sell merchandise and express myself in a different way.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen the way I had hoped.  I haven’t dedicated time to this space. Why, because I was providing more and more content for others and less for myself. In some ways that has been amazing but in others not so much. Over time my love of teaching grew and I wanted to provide information to help make their making journey easier, more fun, more accessible.  But I was getting a bit lost in the process.  

At the beginning of each year it has become a trend/tradition to chose a word that represents your intention for that year.  This year my word was BALANCE. In so many ways and in many areas of my life I have gained balance.  But I want more.

As the summer drawers to a close and we begin to enter the season of Autumn I want to spend a little more time here.  I want to share my thoughts on other forms of making and life in general. I want to create a new space to inspire, encourage, motivate and energize. I want to share other sides of EarthtonesGirl.  There is the knitter and so much more.

I have a subscription to it is an amazing website with lots of insight and wisdom that fits my lifestyle. This was today’s message and further explains this blog post and where I am mentally physically, spiritually. I hope you enjoy it. 

Welcome everyone and welcome Fall….



  • I want to thank you for your wonderful series of videos on knitting socks. I have just turned 70 and was looking for a new challenge. I have done a lot of sewing and knitting and ecoprinting and pottery and…and…and…over the years and wanted something new to tackle. I tried to knit socks years ago and failed. This time with your help I have succeeded. Done 2 types of heel. I am am on my 3rd pair. I have two more lots of yarn chosen by my son waiting for when I am confidant enough to knit some for him. I taught him to darn his socks recently so thought that he would like to have hand knitted sock and the leftover yarn to darn them when the time comes.
    Bless you for your calm manner, soothing voice, lovely face, and wonderful sense of humour. You have added a great deal of positivity to my life..
    Thank you thank you thank you

    Patsie Wade
  • I just found your amazing tutorial on knitting socks. I can’t wait to get started. Did you ever put your totes up for sale? The sock monkey tote is adorable.

    Kathy Gilles
  • Love it! Looking forward to seeing you here (in balance :) )!

  • You are an amazing teach and from what I see an equally amazing human. I look forward to seeing what’s next! 😊

  • I’m glad you shared this here today Denise! Thank you – and I hope you have s very balanced weekend x o

    Cary - mywoolmitten

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