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BLT #12

This was supposed to have been posted last Friday but I was so busy, grooming and prepping for my 20 year college reunion that it just didn’t make it.   But here it is…We’ll just have 2 this week.  Oh and the reunion was awesome…

I still can’t believe I stopped doing this for so long.  Anyway, water under the bridge…here we go.  Happy Friday!!


I don’t have a blog this week but I do have a book! Still a “B” so I’m going with it.  A good change, alternating between blogs and book…sound good?

So my book this week is actually a trilogy, CHOAS WALKING by Patrick Ness.  I can’t stop talking about these books.  They were amazing, riveting and on some strange level almost believable, though sci-fi.  Now I’m an audio book fan so I didn’t “read” these books.  To be honest I can’t imagine reading them.  There is so much going  on at once that I think they may be challenging to read, however listening to them!!!!  Some audio books are good, some are great and some win awards.  These should totally win awards!!!  The narrators are brilliant!! Can someone please listen/read them so I can have someone to talk to about them…


I just saw this recipe this morning.  Guess what I’m having for breakfast!!  I really love quick and easy!!


Even my fussy eater enjoyed them..

They are so good!!



Of course another Pinterest find.  I’m kind of excited about this one.  So simple, easy and highly personalize-able…A great Fathers Day gift from the kids, the grad (words of wisdom) or anyone for any reason.

The instructions are on the Pin itself, here.  The link from there takes you to this Etsy shop.  Try it for yourself or go shopping…choice is yours.

I’m firing up  my oven first.  It will already be on for the muffins.

Hope everyone has (had) a great weekend.


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