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…or rather you don’t need a “serious” reason to do something.  It can be done just because it’s fun.  June 1st marked five years that I’ve been blogging and you know what…it’s still fun!!

I started this blog in June 2007 right before heading off the knitting camp for the second time.  It was so exciting to finally have a space in the world (if only virtual) to share my passion with others.  I’d wanted a blog for so long but wasn’t sure how to even go about setting one up.   One day at the yarn shop where I was working at the time,  a woman (an amazing woman) walked in.  The usual conversation started, “what are you interested in making?”, “where’s the sock yarn?”, the usual, but then I happened to mention knitting camp and the light went on.  It was my second time, she’d always wanted to go…we couldn’t shut up.  We decided to meet after work to talk more and the subject of blogging came up.  She was a computer tech and offered to help me.  The rest is history (as they say).  A couple of weeks later Earthtones Girl was born.

My blog has gone though some changes over the years but at its heart it has always been a place for me to share the things I love.  Knitting, sewing/quilting, cooking, baking, and especially my family.

Thanks to all of you out there who have shared this experience with me over the years.  I hope you continue to visit.


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