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1 hour on the computer Tuesday night trying to reserve one for store pick up

2 hours 15 mins in the store trying to set up it up with my carrier

40 mins on the phone with my carrier (at home) to try and straighten out a problem that happened in the store

Owning a iPhone 4s…priceless…

I decided on the clear, hard case so I could use another Pinterest idea…DIY Designer Covers

Here’s my first attempt, which I did super fast because I was so excited to have the phone in my hands, period.

The cut out in the back for the camera & speaker is not “clean” but so what.  If someone notices that, which means they are way to close”,  then I have another problem.

Another use for all that scrapbooking paper, I’m love to look at but until now had no real use for.

Between my Bernina and now the iPhone.  I think I’m done shopping for a long while.

I promise to have some actual knitting and quilting in my next post.  The usual Friday BLT will be up tomorrow, but some good, quality handi-work  is coming soon.


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