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Love Line

Today I am 41 and 1 day old and I’ve made total peace with it.  It wasn’t the applecore quilt or starting a new project or shiny new templates that pulled me out of myself it was love.  My family and friends threw me a life line coated in sticky sweet cobs of love and yanked me right out of the hole I’d made for self.    My Kira sang happy birthday to me and decided “Mummy, you need cake”…”chocolate cupcakes mummy, I “kake” the eggs.”   Does it get any better?

Yes, it does.  My Kira is on the mend.  No more “runny, muddy” diapers, and after a visit on Friday and phone check in with the pediatrician this morning I found out she has gained 4 lbs, in as many months,  and is healthy as a horse.  Yahoo!!!  The cause of all the trouble…Teething…2-3 yr molars.  Amazing what it can do to wreak havoc on a little body.

I met my dear, sweet friend Carolyn today and she gave me one of the most thoughtful gifts ever….a photo shoot of Kira and I playing in the park.  She said the moms are always behind the camera so today is all about this mom with her daughter.  As soon as the pics are ready I’ll post as many as my blog can handle without crashing…

She also made this for me….Banana Chocolate Chip Bread…edible love…

And last night instead of the movies I stayed in and sewed the binding onto my latest quilt.   During Kira’s nap today I started stitching the back in place.

I’m happy…


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