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If I said I was in a bit of a funk after returning home from camp it would be an understatement.  I had a cold (which I’m now getting over), I was back at work (nothing more to say, work is work), New York was hot (have I mentioned how much I hate the summer),  I had a doctor’s appointment (all is well) and the coat was done…so now what?

Sideways Mystery Mittens.  I saw them while at camp and even though the pair I tried on where small, I was intrigued.  These would be nice distraction. 

Here’s the picture from the book, one in progress, one complete.  I started with only the instructions from the book and had no idea “where I was going” but followed in blind faith.  Then I hit a speed bump and checked out the pattern on Ravelry.  Someone there said the dvd and book instructions differed a bit.  Everything was super clear after watching the dvd.  I suggest using both.

Here’s my version.

Look at that construction, genius!!!  I can’t believe that someone thought these up.   I won’t explain how they are made and give up the mystery but suffice it to say…pure genius.

The stitches were grafted along the side.  I’d never done garter stitch grafting before…very much fun.  Yes, I’m a crazy knitting geek that actually gets excited about grafting stitches.  Stop shaking your heads.

Sewn casting off (demo-ed on the Knitting Glossary DVD)…which is also so fun and interesting to do.  It’s a simple thing but produces such a beautiful edge.  It’s especially used on garter stitch. 

A delicate line of knit stitches running over the top of the mitten.

The only modification I made was not working the increases around the cuff, which are suppose to “bell”, but just continued on the original number of stitches.   I wanted a close fit and got it. 

Pattern:  Sidways Mystery Mittens

Source: Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman (book and dvd)

Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool, Color ? (I can’t even believe I lost the band, but I’m still looking), 240yds.

Amount: about 1/2 skein

Needles: Addi #6

These are the first of many pairs….


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