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For Someone

Finally, there is a real baby to knit for.  Welcome to the world Baby Jack…born to our dear friends yesterday morning.    7 lbs 11oz and he already has a fan club.  We can’t wait to see you. 


This is a little left over habit/belief from my doula days.  All newborns need something made just for them with prayers, good wishes and lots of love knitted into it. 


Pattern: Just a simple 64 stitch baby cap with a seed stitch border.   I knit for about 5 inches and shaped the crown.

Yarn: Pantino by Skacel

 Amount: 1 skein (a little bit leftover)

Needle: Addi #7


Congratulations B & K, we love you.

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My eyes get to enjoy the amazing colors.

My ears tune into the soft, steady, reassuring click of my needles, like a constant whisper that all is going well.

My nose inhales the clean, sweet, earthy smell of the wool.

My mouth wishes it could eat this totally yummy yarn.

My hands get to touch yard after smooth, warm yard.

“This is heaven to know one else but me

and I’ll defend it long as I can be

left here to linger in silence if I choose to…”

-Sarah Maclaughlin


Thank you EnchantedKnoll…aka Farm-Witch..

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1 Down, 179 To Go

When I first met my husband his parents had a very hard time getting their minds wrapped around “the phase” their son was going through.  In my attempts to practice the basic principle of karma, I tried very hard to be gracious and patient while they “came to grips”.  Well it’s now 12 years later, there is love all around and the journey was well worth it.  So in a show of love and in keeping with the season this perfectly timed idea arrived in my email box yesterday.  Thank you Karen.

Knitted Easter Egg Ornaments from The Purl Bee.  Keep reading and you’ll see why this is so perfect…


Yarn: Koigu (I have no idea what color #.  This was in the left over sock stash)

Amount: A few yards

Pattern:  See above

Needles: #2

My very sweet mother-in-law collects egg cups.  At last count (by my sister-in-law this morning) she has 180 of them.   And every one is different, quaint and absolutely beautiful. 


This shelf is one of two her nephew custom made for her to hold them.  (This post would have been endless if I showed you all of them)And as you can see depending on the size and placement of the cup not all of them will be able to hold/show off a knitted egg but can you imagine how cute that would be…I may still try to knit one for each cup or until I get sick of them.  But they are sweet aren’t they? (the eggs and the cups).



Here’s the other thing I did today…bake!  For over 3 hours, can you say fun…

Easter Wheat Pies (an Italian treat).  My Father-in-law, loves this dessert and I love licking the bowl…win, win all around. (I know, raw eggs, but something is gonna kill me and if it hasn’t after about 30 years of bowl licking I think I’m ok),


Here is Chocolate Chip Banana Bread…no real tie-in to the holiday but why not.  I was already covered in flour…



Have a wonderful weekend and for those celebrating the holiday…Enjoy:)

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Sweater Day!

Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers

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Catch Up

So the last time we met I was about to cast on some Wollmeise and get acquainted…well while I love the yarn I’m wasn’t crazy about this particular colorway, 80/20 Twin Wild Thing-Paul.  It was a bit to mustard-y for me.  The yarn itself feels fantastic though.  Somewhat cotton-y with tons of elasticity.  It is definitely one of those yarns you must knit for yourself in order to “get it”.


Much prettier in the skein…now my friend here is the proud owner…enjoy!


Anyway, I quickly moved onto Salto instead.  I love this pattern, love the yarn, love the color.  A bit different for me but stepping out of the box is good sometimes.  I knit this much while I was away this weekend.


And this just begged to be touched and I couldn’t resist.  This may not seem like a big deal but I’ve never had two pairs of socks on needles at the same time before.  Someone once observed that I only knit socks when I’m stressed out (not entirely true) so what does two pairs at once say about me…


Look at that color!!  There is so much going on.  When these are finished I’ll show you what they remind me of.  This colorway is Juniper (superwash merino).   Here’s her blog.

And here’s what I now carry my projects and everything in. 


I needed to scale down for spring/summer as well as the health of my back. 


Can you say pockets boys and girls and so light.  I love this bag.  It’s by Baggallini, called the Messenger Bagg.  Though it’s more like a backpack than a messenger bag, it’s small and I can only fit but so much in it.  Anyway…this will be put to very good and frequent use.  Can you believe the color I picked.  There was a brown one but my friend wouldn’t let me and I’m so grateful.

So that’s where I am folks…gotta go knit me some socks now…

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…this is the poem my unbelieveable adorable husband wrote (in the comments) while I was away this past weekend.  I thought is was too sweet to go unseen.   

‘Twas the night before Friday’, when all through the house,
Our Bichons were blitzing, playing a game of cat and mouse
The yarn piled high in the closets with care,
In hopes that dear husband wouldn’t find it all there;

With some skeins even hidden underneath our bed,
If my husband finds those, i’ll surely be dead;
I’m knitting a sweater, some socks and a hat,
On circular needles, size 0! How’s that!?

I go away that weekend, leaving hubby at home
visiting friends in virginia, that’s where i roam
But on saturday morning, he woke to a clatter
he sprang from the bed, to see what was the matter.

A noise from the closet, that’s what he heard
it wasn’t a mouse, nor a cat nor a bird.

he opened that door, quick as a flash
and was buried beneath Denise’s secret yarn stash.
he shouted and cursed and called them by name
damn campari and jitterbug, you’re all to blame!

With yarn stuck to his clothes, hanging from ears and his chin
he looked all around and didn’t know where to begin.
Wollmeise was piled high all over the floor
he just shook his head and walked to the door.


Everyone should be this blessed and loved.

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So why am I always late for work? Because every morning I go through my usual routine, I wake up (which, when you stop think about it is a really special thing that so many never give a second thought to), walk the dogs, shower, get dressed, prepare my brown bag breakfast and lunch, then I stand in front of my bedroom closet. This is where the stash is kept and where I spend countless time thinking about my next/upcoming projects. In particular I stare at my sock stash. This both delights my eyes and makes my head ache.

This morning was no different, the clock was ticking, I knew I should leave but I stood there trying to choose between socks yarns for my next pair. I can’t explain what actually helps me decide but sure enough I reach in, grab and just know this next pair of socks will thrill me no end, then will end up un-worn…(Thank you Carolyn, for saying I’m worthy…I’m still working on believing that).

So this was the choice a few morning’s ago. I was so excited and ready to go…then I read this. Not bad but not great either. Now I’m not one to listen to critics but for some reason this stopped me in my tracks…at least for now. I’m in no mood to fight, negotiate or bargain with my sock yarn. I just need that entertainment factor to take the edge off, to pacify myself…(I actually feel a bit panic-y that I don’t have socks on needles, can you say addiction boys and girls).


So when I got home and revisited the stash, this jumped into my hands instead…maybe I should have reached for it first…but the gods know better. The time has definitely come for this German beauty and I to get acquainted (considering I have about 5 skeins now).


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Do you remember the scene in the movie Contact when Jodi Foster is strapped into the seat of the “transport” and “Houston” tells her to check her camera?  Then once her “ride” through space starts she is steadfast and diligent about maintaining contact via her camera and voice recorder so she can document everything that happens.  Now did you notice, even during the moments when she is being tossed this way and that and she’s trying to hold on for dear life, she never stops talking and recording…

Well let me tell ya…getting this sleeve and snow cuff to work has had me holding on…to my needles (all four sets), my yarn (2 balls, 1 single strand, the other double), my camera (so I can doc-u-ment everything) and all my stitches.

So let’s begin….

I started with 42 stitches on the sleeve, working the pattern accordingly and increasing to 44.  On the snow cuff I started with 36 stitches and worked a k2p2 rib for about 10 rows, then changed to stockinette, also increasing on the cuff to 44 stitches.   Once I had the same number of stitches on each I started to join.  The interesting thing was figuring the rate of increase so every thing would line up and a bit of the cuff would show.  This is all done for you in the original pattern but again with my coat there is the different gauge/yarn factor.  Which is of course the reason we knit EZ patterns…part of the fun is figuring this all out…



Doesn’t that look like a nice, simple, zen inducing piece of knitting.  Are you counting all those needles? 

If you take a close look at the picture below…you’ll notice what Meg called a snow cuff on the lighter of the two coats.  This wonderful little feature is optional of course but I thought is was so key to the entire coat I couldn’t leave it out.


So as I said above, I knit the snow cuff and the coat sleeve separately and here I’ve started to join them.


I’ve got the size 11 needles in the front, the size 10 needles in the back and I’m knitting the cuff and sleeve stitches together onto the 11s.


Knitting the knit stitches together was easy, just like a 3 needle bind off.


Then I had to purl, so I moved the single strand knit stitch (of the cuff) on to the larger needle, then purled them together.  It was much cleaner then trying to purl off the back and front needles are the same time.


Here’s the really fun part…working the sheepfold cable in pattern while knitting the two sets of stitches together.

Again, I moved the stitches to the front needles and cabled accordingly.  Elizabeth demos the basic cable and Meg demos the joining/cabling on the DVD.  I really can’t imagine knitting this coat without it.  Of course I understand the book but seeing it done is so helpful and time saving.


And here we have separation….HOUSTON WE HAVE ” ? ” SEPARATION…(I can’t remember exactly what they say and have I not seen a 100 movies where this phrase is used, AGH!!)



 There’s the snow cuff, in place and with no pulling, twisting or tugging..

Isn’t that a thing of beauty?  I can’t tell you how excited I am right now.  I just had to stop and post this immediately not only to share but because it’s a bit late and I desperately wanted to remember what the hell I just did.


When I said I had the sleeves on needles I did but I’ve ripped them out about 3 times since then…It was worth it.  When it works it’s such a great feeling….

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These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago, just after the last big snowstorm we had.    I thought today was a good day to share them since they reflect so perfectly what I crave most…




I just loaded this to my Ipod (I actually got it from the library.  I’m only willing to spend that much money on yarn but it’s great to know so much is available), the aran coat sleeves are on needles and it’s gonna rain all day tomorrow,  “I believe this is heaven to no one else but me” – Sarah Maclaughlin  Chris and I love her music…(I’ll show you how much one day).

Have a great and peaceful weekend everyone…

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Even though there was much lamenting,  they were worth it…





And they feel so good.  Ranco is awesome!  What’s even more awesome are the 3 other skeins I have it just waiting for me….


This is all I have left from a 376yd skein (it’s not even enough for a pair of baby socks, did I say baby)…The leg is about 9-10″ long and the foot measures 9″ (my actual size is a 7).  All done on a #0 needle

Maybe I’ll wear them tomorrow!!! Yeah right…

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